Our Core Values

We believe the Bible is God’s Word and our resource for living

The Bible is a road map; it's an instruction manual.  The Spirit of God brings the Bible alive in us.  We value the Bible because it is the Word of God given to us.  We work to make sure that we follow its instruction in the way we live our lives, and we make it the central focus of our teaching and ministry at Abundant Grace.  Biblical preaching and training will transform lives with hope and healing.


Connect with God through worship, prayer and biblical instruction

We were created to have relationship with God. It’s who we are!  The greatest way to experience that connection with Him is through worship and prayer which readies our hearts for biblical truths. Worship, prayer and God’s Word are a priority in our services and in our everyday lives.


Generous, dedicated lifestyle

We are saved to give, give of ourselves through all avenues available to us.  We have a world of need around us that needs our help.  Through generous prayer, service, and support we aim to reach all people through evangelism, relationship, and world missions. 


Resolve conflict biblically

Love if sincere will come through even when put to the test.  Actions really do speak louder than words; therefore, each person is challenged to follow the scriptural pattern for resolving conflict with God’s love, which makes our fellowship stronger and more resilient. 


Develop a culture of teams

God shows us in the Trinity how to work as a team.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit work together perfectly, each doing His job in harmony with the other.  God desires to connect with us and for us to connect with people.  One of the best ways to connect with people is by serving in the local church. Working together makes our church stronger and more effective.  God’s promises and plan are fulfilled when we provide our unique gifts and perspectives to the church - that’s life at its best!


We must build healthy families

We must build strong, healthy families! We need strong marriages that stand the test of time. We need to raise children who love their parents and are life-long followers of Jesus.  Growth must be a priority for our families. We must be part of reaching every person of every family, from conception to death, through effective ministry.  Every person is important to God!


Our Goal:  Servant-hearted, life-Long followers of Jesus Christ. 

At Abundant Grace, our goal is to see people, individuals and families, become servant-hearted, life-long followers of Jesus.  Our congregation’s heart is to see those who do not know Jesus, the broken and the hurting, encounter Jesus, changing their lives forever!

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Lead Pastors: Rev. Dennis & Bonnie Saglimbene


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